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Roofing sheets

JR Roofing supply and install roofing sheets in Cambridge and the surrounding area Roofing sheets offer a lightweight, cost effective solution for all kinds of roofing. This roofing system is most often associated with commercial or light-industrial building, but is increasingly popular in non-traditional or cutting edge designs of all kinds.

The biggest advantages of this kind of roofing are:

  • Durable, lightweight roofing materials
  • Innovative composite materials including recycled elements for greater eco-sustainability
  • Fast, mess-free installation
  • Adaptable with a finish available to meet any style building or spec.

About roofing sheets
Roofing sheets include a wide range of roofing materials: polycarbonates, sheet metal and galvanised steel, and plastic coated. They can come formed into different shapes to best meet the demands of your roof, including: corrugated, tile effect, box profile, and curved.

All modern roofing sheets have been developed to provide the best durability and performance, resisting the wear and tear of weather including UV light and strong winds to keep you safe and dry for longer.

Roofing sheets at JR Roofing
We supply roofing sheets to our customers in Cambridge and across the region, and our fully professional building team fit them. Our work includes roofing contracts for clients of all kinds, and we have the demonstrable ability to carry out a fast, effective and high quality job on many kinds of home or building.

About us
We are a local authority approved roofing contractor with expertise in many aspects of roofing including flat roofing and listed building. Established in 1979, we are happy to provide references and have a great reputation locally.

As an employer we value the skills and experience our roofing team bring and believe they are the key to the consistently high standards we deliver on every job.
To request an estimate why not get in touch, we are happy to have a chat about roofing sheets or any other aspect of our service.