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Roofing cost estimates

Free estimates for all roofing jobs
If you are looking for a roofer, we can offer an estimate based on an assessment for free, allowing you to make a decision with all the facts available.

Our estimates use an on-site assessment of the job to judge:
How long the job will take: it can be hard to calculate the hours needed for a roofing job as complications may arise once the work is underway, but our long experience providing roofing services allows us the expertise to provide a good estimate of the time needed.

Materials and products: we use our excellent suppliers to make sure we have an accurate idea of the cost of materials for any job.

Once we have these figures and included any other costs that may be occurred we can offer an estimate. An estimate allows for the fact that jobs may take more or less time and materials than initially thought, but once work has started we will always communicate with you with regards to ongoing costs.

What kind of roofing do you need an estimate for?

Call us for an estimate if you need:

  • Flat roofing: repairs, new roofs, or skylight supply and installation. We deal with all flat roofing systems.
  • Domestic roofing: people’s homes need regular attention and we can undertake all the repairs and renewal you need to keep you property in tip-top condition.
  • Commercial roofing: our roofing contracts offer excellent value for money and first class service, so why not call for an informal discussion today.
  • Help with a listed building or church: with a British made lead supplier and expertise in all kinds of listing regulations we can provide an estimate for the cost of repairs or renewal of older and protected roofs.

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