Why you might need to replace your roof

As with all areas of your property, your roof will need care and attention from time to time, and the likelihood of this increases with older properties.

Much of the time roofing problems can be dealt with locally – replacing broken tiles for example, but there are instances where the whole roof can need replacing. These may include:

  • Large scale damage: if you are unlucky enough to be hit by the kind of weather that can damage large areas of your roof, or if your roof is hit by flying debris.
  • Damp: a small hole in your roof can be fixed easily, but where moisture has been allowed to seep into the structure, especially for any length of time, damp can be an issue. Where there is damp you can find rot and this can be especially problematic for the wooden structure of your roof.
  • Age: sometimes roofs have experienced too much wear and tear to be viable or to be patched and need to be replaced. If you are buying a property it is a good idea to get a professional opinion and if large scale work is needed you can negotiate this into your offer.

By taking good care of your roof, carrying out routine checks, and getting problems dealt with quickly you can help avoid needing to replace your roof. Carry out a visual inspection from the outside and inside after windy weather or on an annual basis.

Or get a professional opinion for complete peace of mind. A company such as JR Roofing will be happy to conduct an assessment and provide a free quote for any necessary work.

We are a well established company in your area, and we have expertise in older or listed buildings too, so why not find out how we can help you take good care or your roof.