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Flat Roofing in Cambridge

Reliable, experienced roofing contractor for flat roofs in Cambridge
We are available in your area for all flat roof work. Our team are skilled in repair, renewal and installation of a wide range of flat roof systems, and together we work hard to bring you a consistently high standard of service.

In the UK most domestic flat roofing is found on single story constructions or blocks, so we carry out a lot of work on garages, extensions, roof terraces, and mid-century art deco style properties too.
Because we have carried out a lot of this kind of work in our 35 years of business we understand that having a leaking roof is stressful, and you want a roofer who can repair it quickly while also fitting in with day to day life.

Our commercial roofers team work on buildings such as retail or leisure outlets, public buildings, schools, clinics, and office blocks. This provides us with a great deal of experience in working on flat roofs of all types and ages. We build on this experience by updating our working knowledge of newer flat roof materials such as GRP and are able to repair, or build any type of flat or curved roof in these sectors.

Flat Roof types
Broadly speaking flat roofing falls into two categories:

Felt roofing: this is the more traditional method of covering a flat roof and requires bitumen and the application of heat. A fast, low cost way to create a residential or commercial standard roof.

GRP: an advanced material, GRP roof systems are developed with increased durability and resistance to the effects of UV light, heat, below zero temperatures and so on. Also adaptable in many situations with a choice of colours and finishes.

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